Elliot Braff

Eliott’s Story

Born April 10th, 1999

Eliott was born on the 10th April 1999 .It almost happened in the car as everything went very quickly.It was in the 35th week of Alexandra’s pregnancy. We reached the hospital in Jerusalem not knowing where it was and Alexandra screaming at the back of the car.

And one hour later Eliott was there, all was ok.

I mean that everything ,from the moment Alexandra lost her waters (including 40 min drive to the hospital) and the birth lasted 2 hours and 30 minutes.

For the the 2 first years all was well ,Eliott grew up as a normal little child. Except the fact that every time we went to the pediatre he would tell us that Eliott’s head is big and that we should check it.
We didn’t take it seriously .

In July 2001 above the left nostril very near the eye a swollen vein appeared. We checked it with few docters till we got to a neurologist ,he ordered a scanner. We got the scanner in october ,and the Vein of Galen malformation was dicovered . Panic,fear,…not possible to understand what is going on except the fact that something is wrong in Eliott’s cerebral veinal system. Two days later Eliott was hospitalised in Tel -Hashomer hospital. Israeli doctors are very up to date and generally speaking medicine in Israel is considered from high level.

After various checks and a MRI ,and a week in hospital not knowing what was going on.We had a meeting with our first and charming Interventional Radiologist. He explained us what was the problem and that it could be CURED with what is called veinal embolisation in the brains (i think it is a relatively new technology). And that 3 or maybe 4 interventions would be needed. This Gentleman (Dr. Bakoun) was very honest with us ,he offered us to do it in Tel Hashomer Hospital with the help a neuroradiologist working in the team of Dr.Bernstein of Beith Israel Hospital in New York. He also told us that there was a very specialised team in Paris under the authority of Prof. Lasjaunias in Kremlin Bicetre Hospital.

Our family in Belgium and France and we here started to contact every Doctor we thougt could help,everyone that could be of any assistance. After a first contact with Prof . Lasjaunias and a lot of hesitations we decided to operate in Paris.

The first ambolisation took place in December 2001,the second in March 2002. Both were succesfull.
The third one will probably be begining 2003.

Eliott’s is living a perfectly normal live.He is bright and very sweet.And he is very brave little boy.

We have the luck that technology and human dedication gave us a solution to a very difficult veinal malformation.No medicine are needed and no skull’s have to be opened. We are very thankfull to Prof. Lasjaunias and his Team.They are doing a wonderfull job.

We’re aware that many children with VGM are not as lucky as Eliott .Our prayers are with them and their family. If we can be of any help ,don’t hesitate to contact us at


Alexandra & Laurent & Eliott


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Vein of Galen UK is a website dedicated to families and sufferers of Vein of Galen malformation all over the world. We provide information and support for families affected by this condition.
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