Brittany Bliss

Brittany’s Story

Born August 31st, 1987

This Story is about my 19 year old daughter, Brittany Bliss. She was born on August 31st 1987. She was born in Monroe, WI. USA. Her head was 43 centimeters at birth. The general Practionier thought that she had water on the brain. He checked her every two weeks for about three months. Her body was growing at the same pace as her head so he did not worry. She was always slow in school, they thought that she had ADD so they put her on Ritalin.

Life went on for years. July of 2003 she started having seizures. She was taken to the emergency room in Pasadena,TX. They did a CAT scan and sent her home. At about midnight they called and told us that she needed to come back, they had found something and needed to do an MRI. At 7:00 am My mother called me and said that the doctor wanted to talk to me. He told me that Brittany had an AVM,Vein of Galen and that there was not anything that he could do. She needed to be sent to Herman Hospital in Houston Texas. They put her in an ambulance and off they want. I gathered my thoughts and my husband and I went to the hospital. We were met by my mom,sister and my son. We all waited to see Brittany and the neurosurgeon. Dr. Baumgartner came out of the back and the news was grim, she only had a 7 % chance of living through surgery. Not on option. They told us that they did not know how long she had to live. But it was not long. They told us to call her father and let him know. He lived in WI, and had a drive a head of him. They gave her just days to live. We spent the next 2 weeks praying, she was almost 16. The doctors contacted a Doctor in France and e-mailed copies of her MRI’s, He said don’t touch her. They put her on medication to reduce the hydrocephalus and sent her home.

Every day I prayed that she wouldn’t die, not on my shift. About 6 months after she was released and they had her stabilized. They gave her a dose of Gamma Knife Radiation. After 2 years there was a small shrinkage. Now she is 19 years old and pregnant. She is due June 10,2007. They are planning a c-section the week of May 25th. They are going to tie her tubes so she can not get pregnant again. She only has a 35% chance of surviving.


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