Lachlan Duncan Macgregor Bonar

Lachlan’s Story

Born January 26th, 2006

Our names are Linsay and David. This is the story of my family and how we were affected by this condition. We also have a daughter at 21 months, Mackenzie.

Lachlan Duncan MacGregor Bonar, was born in the Queen Mothers Hospital on the 26th January 2006, at 11.23am by c-section, and weighted 8lbs 2ozs.

Our story beginnings at around 5 months pregnant. When I started leaking fluid and when straight to hospital, after several tests and scans we were told that the baby’s heart look larger than normal and further tests would be need.

We attended Wishaw Hospital for our scan and Dr McLellan carried out the scan and confirmed the right side of the baby’s heart was infact very enlarged and that I would be transferred to QM hospital later in the week.

At the QM we were introduced to a team doctors who would be caring for us in the following months. After having a scan we were shown into a room where a neo-natal cardiologist was waiting, he told us our baby had problems with his heart and that these problems which included 2 coartations and narrowing of the 2 main arteries were serious but should be fixable after birth. David and I left the hospital with another appointment for the next month as these problems were unlikely to worsen. We were both scared but hopeful for what could be done after the birth.

Further appointments seemed to backup that the condition had infact not changed.

Our world collapsed when I was 35 weeks gone when on a routine scan the doctors seemed to be slightly more concerned, afterward we were shown into the office and told that they suspected an aneurism . We were allowed home and a meeting would be set up between us and a specialist.

The next week we meet Dr Batacharia, he explained that our son had a Vein of Galen Malformation and that his chance of survival was slim. He promised to do everything in his power to help, and true to his word he answered all of our questions and explained what would happen when our baby arrived.

I was 39weeks pregnant when the doctors delivered Lachlan , we never seen him as I was given a general anaesthetic and they had to take him straight away to get scans.

Our sons aneurism was 4 by 3 by 2 cm big, but he was fighting, he was urinating which showed his other organs were still working, his heart however was under huge pressure because of the size of the aneurism.

After 30 hours we were told to say goodbye, we called our parents, Lachlan ‘s God parents (who were watching Mackenzie) and our minister. They arrived and we made the decision to disconnect all of the machines apart from the oxygen, we took him into a private room and everyone said goodbye including his sister. We then asked if everyone could leave.

After 5 minutes the cylinder of oxygen was running low and we asked to have that removed also.

David and I had 12 wonderful minutes with Lachlan without all the tubes and wires, he looked so perfect…….. and so like his sister!. A nurse came in a pronounced him dead, at 8.32pm on 27 th January 2006.

Our son lived for 33 hours and minutes. But he will live forever in our hearts.


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Vein of Galen UK is a website dedicated to families and sufferers of Vein of Galen malformation all over the world. We provide information and support for families affected by this condition.
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