Aaliyah Morgan

Aaliyah’s Story

Born July 21st, 2002

My name is Mistie Morgan and my daughter Aaliyah was born on July 21, 2002.

We are from Billlings, Montana. Vein of Galen has never been seen in our State or the surrounding areas, so I have been told. Looking back at Aaliyah’s birth, there were signs that something was wrong, but we were always reasured she was fine. She had to be delivered emerency c-section and when she was born she was not breathing. They took her to NICU for two hours and brought her back and said she was just fine. Over the next 9 months my husband and I saw that she was no being able to sit up on her own and she had no energy. After going to 3 doctors, the last one ordered a cat scan and they gave us the news that night. I really do not remember much, I just felt my body shut down and I could not think. For days I just layed in my bed and I did not want to wake up. One month later we were sent to the UCSF in San Fransisco. Her surgery for embolzation took 10 hours and she has 87 coils in her head. She did great and the doctors were very optomistic. We were sent home. One month later my baby had a brain bleed and was on a breathing tube. They said that it is very rare to have them, but it can happen. UCSF sent a jet out and picked up her and I and took us back to the hospital in San Fransisco. We were ther for three weeks. At that time they found out that they needed to put in a shunt. And then we were able to go home. Two weeks after being home I took her back to the Hospital here in Billings, they said she was having an allergic reaction to her stitches. Surgery again to replace them. Home again we were sent after a couple of days and than a month later she was back. This time for a shunt infection, three weeks in the hospital again. It has been 2 years since my baby has been in the hospital. Yes we have lots of doctors visits, but she is really doing well. She started walking at 2 1/2. She is still behind but she is catching up really fast. We were told this week 12/16/05 that she is having night seizers now and have put her on medication, right now that is our biggest worry. She talks all the time, she is the happiest most loving little girl. They even put her in Pre-school this year to catch her up. They call her the Social Director. Every day is a blessing with her and we are proof that babies can get past this When i can I will submit some pictures!

Update Story 20/02/2007

Aaliyah is a very active 4 year old that is making up for lost time. She is quickly catching up. She will be going to kindergarden next year, but will not be in a regular class room. She started having seizures over a year and a half ago. We are trying all kinds of medication to try and control them. The doctors are now looking at surgery to stop them altogether. We are just so blessed everyday that she is here with us and we together can get through whatever is ahead of us!!


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