William Dunville

William’s Story

Born January 7th, 2004

William was diagnosed with Vein of Galen 2 weeks prior to delivery (Christmas Eve 2003 to be exact!). He was scheduled to be delivered by C-Section @ The Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham under the care of Professor Neil Marlow, on 5th January 2004. However, on studying his condition after their Christmas break, the team of Neuro radiologists decided to refer him to Glasgow (Queen Mothers Hospital), to a more experienced team led by Dr Joe Battachrya.

After a long and anxious wait in the QMC, we were transported by Ambulance to Glasgow on 6th January 04 – Mother, Bump & Dad. William was delivered by C-Section on 7th January 04 without any obvious complications. We all remained in Glasgow until 14th January 04 and then were discharged back into the supervisory care of Prof Neil Marlow – QMC.

Due to Williams positive condition, it was decided to ‘grow’ him to approximately 5 months old before he returned to Glasgow for his embolization treatment.

We returned on 1st June 04, to the Yorkhill Hospital in Glasgow, under the care of Dr Joe Battachrya and his team. Williams procedure took place on Thursday 3rd June and lasted for approximately 3 hours in total. He stayed in intensive care for 48 hours before being moved to a high dependency unit. Again, due to his remarkable recovery, we were all allowed home 5 days later. William has continued to go from strength to strength but remains under the watchful eye of Prof Neil Marlow and his team. 6 monthly paediatric appointments have been arranged, as have yearly MRI’s until he reaches school age. As a point to note, these are precautionary as opposed to ‘must do’s’.

When William was diagnosed prior to delivery, we relied heavily on the case studies displayed on your website and hope our success story will be of benefit to people who may find themselves in the situation we found ourselves in. We feel extremely lucky and blessed with Williams outcome so far, and this is largely down to the fantastic care and support given by both the QMC & Glasgow specialists.

We cannot begin to thank Joe Battachyra enough for his kindness, expertise and professionalism in relation to William and would encourage anyone in the same situation to investigate the options via this route – Incidentally, Tom Turner heads up the Paediatric department in Yorkhill – Joe Battachyra, we think, operates out of Glasgow South Hospital. He works very closely with the leading centre in Paris and appears to be the leading expert within this field in the United Kingdom.

William is now 8 1/2 months old, has one tooth and has just realised he can crawl. He is an absolute pleasure and our very special little boy. His development has been as normal as any other child’s. In fact, if you didn’t know he had the condition, you wouldn’t know.

If anyone needs anymore detail about Williams story, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards

Lee & Jenny Dunville


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