Jalin Kirksey

Jalin’s Story

Born November 25th, 2004

I have a 15 month old son named Jalin who has an AVG and I would like to put his picture and his story on your web site not only to help Jalin but to help other children and parents going through this emotional road. Jalin has been doing great! He has fought every since he has been born on 11-25-2004! Soon after he was born he was diagnosed with an AVG and a couple days later went through the embolization which placed 27 platnium coils in the vein. He has been doing great and has had no serious signs of complications due to the AVG or the coiling until just a few days ago. Jalin spike a 104 fever and had to be hospitalized there they preformed an eeg which showed that he was having seizures. During the test which lasted only 30 minutes he had 4 seizures, each seizure lasted about 8 seconds. Jalins doctor explained that the sz are above the coils and that the coils were causing them and that they would get much worse. Now I have been giving the decision to either treat the seizures with an medication that could cause him other harm and result in death or not treat the seizures and take the chance of the seizures geting worse and result in death or him to lose all functions. My heart dr tells me to treat with med and let Jalin prove them wrong agin but my pediatrician says it might not be a good thing for Jalin but it is my choice on what to do for Jalin! How do I make such a hard decision? Where do I find the answers? How can I help my son when I don’t have the answers? Thankyou for listening and please contact me soon I would really love for Jalin to be apart of this great web site! God Bless you all! And please pray for Jalin!


Kari and Jalin


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Vein of Galen UK is a website dedicated to families and sufferers of Vein of Galen malformation all over the world. We provide information and support for families affected by this condition.
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2 Responses to Jalin Kirksey

  1. Amanda Wheeler says:

    There is a doctor in NY that invented liquid coils. He saved my sons life. He is 100% better now. Here is his story. http://www.brainaneurysm.com/patientstory-wheeler.html The doctor is Dr. Alejandro Berenstein, MD – Radiologist, Neuroradiologist – New York, NY – Radiology
    Dr. Alejandro Berenstein, MD, One of America’s Top Doctors – New York Metro, Affiliated with 3 Star Hospital, Quality Indicators and more on Dr. Berenstein. Located in New York, NY.

    • Amanda Wheeler says:

      Oh and we found out he had Vein of Galen when he was one year old, now he is a healthy 10 year old. We feel so blessed everyday, I wish you the best for your son and family. Sending prayers your way! 🙂

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