Elliot Cooke

Born July 27th, 1997

Elliots Story

Elliott`s abnormality in his Vein of Galen was detected during a routine antenatal ultrasound scan at Whiston hospital. We were referred to the Royal Women’s Hospital in Liverpool for further tests. Three months prior to his birth we knew Elliott would be having difficulties but in a way it helped prepare ourselves and the medical team for what was to come. Under the guidance of Dr Paul May a Consultant neurologist at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Elliott` was delivered by Caesarean section at the Royal Women’s Hospital. Initially Elliott was treated with drugs to reduce the inflammation in his brain and stabilise his heart.
After various appointments with Dr. Wendy Taylor at Great Ormond Street Hospital, in consultation with Prof. Lesjaunias (Paris Bicentre) Wendy carried out the first successful embolization when Elliott was 1year old. Professor Lesjaunias and Wendy successfully carried out the second operation when Elliott was 18 months old at the Paris Bicentre Hospital.
Elliott is now four years old and has recently started school, he has not suffered any reaction to the procedures but he regularly visits GOSH for scans and appointments. Elliott`s situation is being monitored constantly, he may possibly need a minor embolization in the future but he is fine at the moment.
Elliott has a great personality, always chatting to people, laughing and joking. On a recent holiday to Tenerife Dec 2001, on the first day, Elliott went to the poolside restaurant with his Brother and Sister, Daniel and Kirsty. After playing by the pool all day, all the family returned the next day for a swim, we were greeted by a chorus of “hello Elliott” by Grandmothers, Children, Parents, bar staff, he had introduced himself to everybody around the complex and told everybody his Mum and Dads life story.

Milo and Fiona Cooke


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