Annabelle Rainbow

Born December 6th, 1999

Annabelles Story

Hello! my name is Vicky Rainbow I am 34 years old and have 2 daughters aged 4 and 2. I am also a midwife on a busy delivery suite.

My first daughter (Millie) was born by caesarean section weighing in at 10lbs, healthy and with no problems.
Two years later when pregnant with Annabelle I had a scan at 36 weeks pregnant as she was not moving a lot and seemed small. I was scanned by an obstetrician who found that Annabelle had mild hydrocephalous (water on the brain). The thought that something was wrong with my daughters head was terrifying.

She was born by caesarean section one week later, she was gorgeous but had a slightly bigger than average head. When she was 4 days old she became very ill. She was unable to feed and her breathing was rapid. Her head was scanned the next day and she was diagnosed with a Vein of Galen malformation.

None of the paediatricians had ever come across this condition and she was immediately referred to Dr Wendy Taylor via Great Ormond Street, who specialises in this illness.

Annabelle’s heart failure was controlled for 3 months so we could “grow her” and at 3 months, 6 months and 12 months she was embolised. With every embolisation she became a different child, more awake, feeding properly and getting into mischief. She is now a healthy normal 2 year old and completely gorgeous.

To any parents out there who have a newly diagnosed child or baby, please feel free to contact me on 07884470640 and I will be happy to talk to you.


About vogadmin

Vein of Galen UK is a website dedicated to families and sufferers of Vein of Galen malformation all over the world. We provide information and support for families affected by this condition.
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