Alexandra Deeming

Alexandras Story

Born March 2nd, 1993

Our daughter Alexandra was born normally after a normal pregnancy. She went into heart failure when she was a week old, we were taken to Birmingham children’s hospital.

Doctors were baffled as to what was causing her heart to fail as she had no other problems. At 3 weeks old they found the malformation quite by chance. Unfortunately nobody knew a great deal about this condition and Alex was so poorly with her heart failure we concentrated more on that.

When Alex was 3 years old we were referred to DR Taylor and our thousands of questions were answered. We only knew then of one little boy who also had VGM so it was wonderful when in 1999 when Alex was 6 we met parents of other children with the same condition and to learn of one older then your own who is doing so well is wonderful. Alex is doing very well she is extremely healthy lively little girl. Would love to meet you all again.


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Vein of Galen UK is a website dedicated to families and sufferers of Vein of Galen malformation all over the world. We provide information and support for families affected by this condition.
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